Mobile phones landing daily and I can't catch my breath

Wow, if you have been reading my ZDNet blog you will have seen that I have been inundated with mobile phones to evaluate over the last month. The phones I have received to evaluate have included the HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger, Palm Treo 800w, Nokia E71, the Nokia N78, Nokia N82, Sprint BlackBerry Curve, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Advantage X7510, and Samsung Blackjack II with Windows Mobile 6.1 . I am still expecting the MWg Zinc II soon and there is a possibility an iPhone 3G may be in my near future.

The iPAQ 910 is going back tomorrow and then the other will be sent back soon too. It is almost a relief to box things back up and send them back since it reduces the phone clutter around my house and actually gives me a bit of a sense of freedom since so many can get overwhelming when trying to figure out what to pick up and take along.

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