Please pray for Granny!

My wife’s grandma, Helen Bolstad, is turning 90 here in just a couple of weeks and unfortunately was just hospitalized with major stomach issues. The doctors discovered she has some blocked arteries to her stomach, preventing it from fully functioning. They are performing angioplasty (sp?) today to try to open up the arteries and increase blood flow to her stomach. At 90 years old with some other medical issues, even fairly basic surgeries can be dangerous so please pray for her full recovery.

Granny is a wonderful woman of the Lord who has raised 5 kids and serves as the rock upon which their family stands. My wife lived with Granny all her life and she took care of and was a major participant in raising my wife since her mom worked to support the family as a single mother. I also ask that people pray for peach for my wife and other family members as Granny means the world to us and we want her to continue to bless us with her presence for another 10+ years.

UPDATE: The surgery went very well today and the unclogged/stinted the two arteries. Granny already has color back in her face and is feeling better. Thank you all for your prayers, it really does work people!

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