Palin should excite the conservative base, right?

Of course, I was going to vote for McCain this fall since I value the safety and security of this country above all else since nothing else matters if the terrorists rule and I think Obama has no clue when it comes to the security of this country. I am much more excited now that Palin has been announced as the VP candidate and thinks she will fire up the conservative base, which is critical for the Republicans to win. She has some great beliefs, is a mother and wife, is young and energetic, and her record in Alaska looks like she is against all the corruption and unethical behavior in politics. The left may harp on her experience, but they have no room to talk when they are asking people to vote for Obama as the President with little experience.

Palin is running as the VP and not the President and it seems that every thing I have been reading lately sounds like they are counting on McCain passing away in office to make Palin the President. She is running as the VP, which you have to admit seems to be a role that we rarely ever hear about. The President and VP are not making decisions by themselves and personally I look at who the candidates surround themselves with as the real test to see how the country will be run.

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