Happy Birthday Dayna, 40 things I love about my wife!

My wife turned 40 on September 13th and as part of her gift I put together one of those foldable poster board displays with lots of photos of her over the years along with 40 things I love about my wife. My daughters asked if I could come up with 40, but actually after I started listing them I had well over 60 within just a few minutes and could have kept on going. Here are the 40 I put on her display. I look forward to doing the same thing in another 40 years.

  1. She is beautiful.
  2. She LOVES and protects her kids like a mama tiger.
  3. Her lip gets all stiff when she is nervous and speaks in front of a crowd.
  4. She kicks butt with PartyLite and is a natural born leader and saleswoman.
  5. She gets stuff done.
  6. If someone tries to stick it to us, Dayna takes care of it.
  7. She loves her Granny and won’t let anyone mess with her.
  8. She cares about my health, even when I don’t.
  9. She isn’t a bony rail and is perfectly sized for me.
  10. She feels great when I hug her.
  11. She likes action movies.
  12. She has beautiful blond hair and lovely eyes.
  13. She is an excellent cook.
  14. She spoons very well.
  15. Without her I would look like a dork, she is my fashion consultant.
  16. She is assertive.
  17. She supports me in all I do.
  18. She lets me geek out when I need to and is supportive of my writing.
  19. She thinks I am sexy.
  20. She is a wonderful mother.
  21. She is smart.
  22. I love her nose and facial features.
  23. She has great legs and I am a legs man.
  24. She forgives my moods and doesn’t hold grudges.
  25. She is a good Christian woman and not afraid to let anyone know that Jesus reigns.
  26. She is a die hard conservative (Go McCain-Palin!).
  27. If there is a deal, she can find it and saves us some money.
  28. She has smooth, soft skin.
  29. She makes me look good.
  30. She fills a hole in my heart and I can’t live without her.
  31. She doesn’t need makeup at all to look gorgeous.
  32. She does laundry without too much complaining.
  33. She always smells good.
  34. She likes my hairy chest and legs.
  35. She married me.
  36. She runs cold so she has to get close to me to get warm.
  37. She was created by God just for me.
  38. She married me in 17 days.
  39. She is not a wimpy woman.
  40. She thinks I am a hunk and that makes me feel good.
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