90 things I love about Granny

I know I did something similar for my wife recently, but Granny’s time on this earth is getting more and more limited so I wanted to put this together for her too. I also made a display board with these items and some photos of her and will be giving it to her soon. She just turned 90 a couple weeks ago so here are just 90 things I love about Granny. Please do continue to pray for Granny Bolstad.

1.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
2.    She loves me with all her heart
3.    She loves her family
4.    She gives the best hugs
5.    You always feel better after visiting Granny
6.    She  would give her life for anyone
7.    She loves her family more than anything
8.    She is an amazing Christian woman who is secure in the Lord
9.    She is a die hard conservative and you can count on Granny’s vote
10.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
11.    She was awarded for her diligence in voting. Way to do your duty Granny!
12.    She is a good poet and was published in Reader’s Digest
13.    She always forgives and forgets and holds no grudges
14.    Everyone feels special in Granny’s presence
15.    She is independent and strong
16.    She is protective of her family, don’t mess with her family or she’ll take your head off
17.    She has lovely eyes
18.    She supported her family and was the rock they relied on
19.    She raised 5 great kids
20.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
21.    She helped raise and mold my awesome wife to be the person she is
22.    She is an awesome cook
23.    She is a positive thinker and is never negative
24.    She makes lufsa and potato balls for me
25.    She brings peace to situations
26.    She thinks I am smart and makes me feel good about myself
27.    She is a wonderful mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother
28.    She is very smart and always knows the answer
29.    She likes to take the small packets of sugar and condiments from the restaurant
30.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
31.    She likes to save things and be frugal
32.    She is not materialistic at all and couldn’t care less about worldy things
33.    She appreciates it when people do things for her
34.    She is one of the few people that makes me cry when I think about them being gone
35.    She appreciates what I try to do as a father for my girls
36.    She always gives out compliments, even when we think we don’t deserve them
37.    Without her in my life, I would have been less of a man
38.    She is a good Christian woman and not afraid to let anyone know that Jesus reigns
39.    She is a die hard conservative (Go McCain-Palin!)
40.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
41.    She has smooth soft skin that feels good against you
42.    She gives good kisses
43.    She reminds me of a baby Ewok when she walks
44.    She gives great cards
45.    She fills a hole in my heart and I LOVE her so much
46.    She doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, she just is
47.    She works hard and has all her life
48.    She was created by God just for me (and her family too I suppose ☺)
49.    Without her, I would not have Marian and Dayna in my life
50.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
51.    She makes me Christmas cookies even when she doesn’t feel that well
52.    She raised kids who have her same kind of unconditional love
53.    She is not a wimp and stands up for what is right
54.    She lived in her house and supported her kids for many, many years
55.    She likes to grow a garden
56.    She likes to read, like me
57.    She has the gift of service and does it willingly
58.    She tells good stories
59.    She has lived a full life and survived a lot
60.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
61.    She loves to hug and kiss
62.    Granny is ALWAYS there for you, no matter what
63.    She always has time to listen to you
64.    She enjoys a white Russian now and then
65.    She loves unconditionally and is a perfect example of the way Jesus wants us to love
66.    She is easy to love
67.    Everyone who has known her is a better person because of her on this earth
68.    I love to hear her stories of the past
69.    She likes to wear baseball caps
70.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
71.    She loves Jesus and you better too
72.    She was a knockout in her 20s and has only gotten more gorgeous since then
73.    She writes nice letters
74.    She is a good driver
75.    Granny doesn’t need a computer to give you an answer to a question, hmm, maybe Granny is Google
76.    She is cute when she chews
77.    She can give you a look from across the room and make you feel all better
78.    She is always positive and lifts your spirits
79.    She has a beautiful smile
80.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out
81.    She is strong
82.    She loves our military and appreciates their sacrifices
83.    She is an excellent listener
84.    She always remembers important dates and calls to let you know
85.    She misses me when I am traveling and prays for my safe return
86.    She is extremely patriotic and loves America
87.    She laughs at her own jokes and makes me laugh too
88.    She inspires all of us to live a better life
89.    She is the kindest, most loving person I have EVER known, EVER!!
90.    She is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out

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