McCain is really the only choice for President

As readers know I am a conservative Christian man and already voted for John McCain. I wanted someone more conservative than him, but there is no other choice this election. I honestly cannot believe the Democratic party actually has Obama as their candidate. This guy has no right even being considered for President and if he gets elected we might as well have voted for my neighbor next door who probably has more experience actually leading people than Obama does. This post at Sound Politics clearly supported the viewpoint that McCain is the only choice and I pray McCain actually wins on Tuesday.

If not, I honestly have significant concern for America if Congress and the people let Obama actually implement some of his planned initiatives. If you think the economy is bad now, I think we’ll find it in much worse shape when Obama gives money back to those that don’t pay taxes and then punishes those that pay almost all of the taxes already.

Thankfully, God is in charge of my life and I am not fearful of anything and welcome His return to take me to a much better place.

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