Where in the world have I been?

I wanted to say I am sorry to the 15 people who visit this blog in hopes that I might actually post something. Since I last posted I guess I have gone through some depression with the election of a man as President with no experience in leadership (pray hard for our country to get through this phase of our history), apprehension as Granny’s condition worsens (pray for her and her comfort), joy (my oldest earned her varsity soccer letter in high school and was picked up by a select team), and more. I have been very busy at work traveling to places like Houston, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Alaska. My two ZDNet blogs are also doing VERY well and is a very exciting opportunity for me to write and share my experience in mobility with the world.

The Lord continues to bless me and my family beyond anything I could have hoped for and I really do not deserve all of these blessings. I am trying to share as many of those blessings with others, particularly in regards to finances at our church since I know many people are struggling during this uncertain economic time in our country.

I have been trying to stick a bit longer with devices and use them to their potential (tough when readers want me to review so many devices) rather than buying everything on the market. I just sent back several Nseries devices and review units as I clean out the clutter and try to stay focused.

I am reading my Bible a lot more with the AMAZING PocketBible application on my HTC Fuze and again could never give up a Windows Mobile device just for this application alone.

I’ll try to update this site a bit more, but won’t make any promises as I start coaching a 3rd/4th grade girls basketball team and run my other daughters around to soccer and basketball.

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