Goodbye President George W. Bush and thanks for the security

Today we say goodbye to President George Bush and hello to Barack Obama. I was happy that George W. won the election back in 2000 because we needed someone with integrity and a sense of honor to replace the scum before that soiled the White House and any sense of moral behavior we expect from our top leader. Bush came into office at a tough time when things were not secure and the economy was on the way downwards. He was challenged fairly quickly with 9-11 and demonstrated good leadership. He stepped up to the plate and helped secure America and demonstrate to terrorists that you shouldn’t mess with our free country.

President Bush wasn’t the best public speaker, by a long shot, but you always knew where he stood because he didn’t waver with the polls or change his beliefs and opinions to match the popular opinion of the day. I respected him and his faith.

Unfortunately, I think he failed in many areas this last term and didn’t stand up and speak out when he needed to most. He seemed to let things just happen and needed to stand up and take charge. I strongly believe that no matter which Republican ran for office this past election there was little chance of a win given the constant comparisons to Bush. Then again, Ron Paul was pretty revolutionary for a Republican and had some great ideas that could have garnered lots of support.

Goodbye Mr. Bush and God Bless you for your efforts. I truly believe Bush actually does love this country (unlike past Presidents who were more selfish than anything) and wanted the best for it, but maybe he just didn’t know how to get it done these last couple of years.

I am not a fan of President Barack Obama for many reasons, but since he is our President I will support and pray for him. I truly hope he does help people step up to the plate and work hard to improve conditions in the U.S. I just fear that he will continue the Democratic way of taking money from hard working Americans to give to those who don’t work hard and freeload off the backs of the working class. We can’t afford to continue holding people back from personal responsibility and action and need to enable people to get out of the cycle of welfare. Remember too, Barack is just a man like you and I and is not some type of superhero from Krypton that was sent here to save the planet.

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