See you in heaven Granny Bolstad, 30 Aug 1918 to 1 April 2009

Granny celebrated her 90th birthday last August, but ever since then her body began to shut down and the Lord took Granny home last week. I guess the Lord enjoys Granny’s incredible cookies and lufsa as much as we do and wanted her to do some cooking for Him. It is very sad to lose someone like Granny who has been a part of so many lives over all these years. I have known her now for just about 16 years and thank the Lord that she helped to raise the wonderful woman that is my wife. Granny was the BEST and everyone who knew her is a better person because of her.

Even though we celebrate that she is no longer in pain and she is living eternally through Christ Jesus, we are still saddened by her loss and that we won’t get to swing by and visit any longer. My poor wife is taking it especially hard because she grew up living with Granny until we got married and Granny spent all those years raising Dayna with her mom while her mom worked hard a single mother to provide for Dayna. Dayna and Granny were as close as you can get to someone here on Earth and is trying to cope with the loss. Please pray for Dayna and for the rest of the family as we go through the grieving process while also staying focused on the fact that our beloved Granny is waiting for us in heaven and will have us over to visit when we join her.

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