Coming back with Project 365 for 2010

What have I been doing for 8 months?

I haven’t posted here since Granny Bolstad passed away in April as I have been focusing on my family and other projects, including my two ZDNet blogs and Nokia Experts site. I am doing very well and was just promoted to the highest level of Senior Associate at my normal day job. My two ZDNet blogs are doing well and helping us get out of credit card debt, mostly built up over our 3+ year yard project. I am approaching one year with my Nokia Experts site too and even though that hasn’t been a money maker or anything it is a site I am passionate about and really enjoy putting together.

My wife slowed down in Party Lite to focus on our girls as they go through their school years and it has been great to have her home more evenings. BTW, did you know you can now order through her website without having a live show? We passed 16 years of marriage last summer and are heading to number 17 in June. My daughters are FABULOUS and doing well with school, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. My oldest will be 16 in April and she is the BEST teenager ever! I hear people talk about the teen years and moan, but so far they have been the best as my daughter is a wonderful young woman who is responsible, goal-oriented, and a pleasure to be with all the time. My middle daughter is also doing well and excels at soccer and basketball. As she continues to develop and grow I truly think she will earn at least one scholarship for college in athletics. If you follow Franklin Pierce sports you will see her name a lot in soccer and basketball when she hits high school next year. My youngest is a real Daddy’s girl and is my buddy. I coached her in basketball, soccer, and baseball and still coach her soccer team so we spend a lot of time hanging out with each other. She has a real heart for the Lord and is an amazing evangelist who has no fear or hesitancy in sharing the Word! Amen.

Project 365 in 2010

To kick off 2010 and to help me remember this year I am going to turn the focus of this blog primarily into a Project 365 site where I will post a photo a day (along with some thoughts on the photo) every day for the entire year, with most photos being taken by my Nokia N900 device. I will try to actually post the photo the day I take it, but if I am traveling or disconnected some how I may not be able to take it. I will have a Flickr set for this too so I can view the photos there and here on this blog and it should be an amazing way to chronicle my life. You will see family photos, work photos, sports shots, and much more and if it turns out to be as good as I think it will then I may try to do this in the future too.

I will also try to include some other more frequent posts here as well with the focus on my life and not necessarily on the devices and technology I am using.

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